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Harbeck Roofing Episode 2 — July 2021

Hunter Kailos from Harbeck Roofing talks with Max Miller about common roof problems and how homeowners can ensure their homes are protected. For more information, visit HarbeckRoofing.com or call 910-742-8625.
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Harbeck Roofing Episode 1 — July 2021

Max Miller speaks with Hunter Kailos from Harbeck Roofing about how to prepare for hurricane season. For more information, visit HarbeckRoofing.com or call 910-742-8625.
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Surv – June 2021

Garrett May, community manager at Surv, speaks with Max Miller about how Surv certifies locals to assist with a variety of home improvement projects. For more information: Website: wesurv.com Phone: (910) 541-5744
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The Bair Foundation – June 2021

Christina Dees speaks with Pamela Stambaugh, Katie Cerrone, and Mikaela Kelley from The Bair Foundation, a non-profit Christian foster care agency, about the steps to becoming a foster family and opportunities to get involved. For more information: Website: https://www.bair.org/ Phone: (910) 202-9337
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Juliana Monroe – June 2021

 Juliana Monroe talks with Chad Greenhill about how to prepare healthier meals without sacrificing taste. For more information: Website: https://julianamonroe.us/
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Lower Cape Fear LifeCare — June 2021

Jason Clamme speaks with Craig Wagner about the Lower Cape Fear LifeCare Foundation and how it supports the mission and services of the organization. For more information: Website: https://lifecare.org/ways-to-give/ Phone Number: 800-733-1476
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Loggerhead Golf — June 2021

Learn about how Loggerhead Golf is partnering with First Tee of Greater Wilmington to help kids in the community learn life skills and core values through the game of golf. For more information: Website: https://loggerheadgolf.com/ Phone Number: (910) 794-8223
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Lower Cape Fear LifeCare — May 2021

Jason Clamme from Lower Cape Fear LifeCare speaks with Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kelly Erola about the difference between hospice and palliative care. Fore more information: Website: https://lifecare.org/ Phone Number: 800-733-1476