The Huneycutt Group

Chad W. Huneycutt, owner of the Huneycutt Group sits down with Troy Thompson to talk about the benefits of local auto insurance, deductibles, and policies. For more information: Website - https://huneycuttgroup.com/ Phone Number- (877) 441-3162 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/huneycuttgroup/

Atlantic Neurosurgical and Spine Specialists

Dr. Jeffrey Beecher from Atlantic Neurosurgical and Spine Specialists sits down with Troy Thompson to talk about teaming up with New Hanover Regional Medical Center as well as detecting strokes and cerebrovascular disease. For more information: Website- http://atlanticneurosurgery.com/ Facebook Page- https://www.facebook.com/AtlanticNeurosurgicalandSpineSpecialists/ Phone Number- (910) 763-3333

Coastal Direct Health and Wellness

Dr. Jennifer Nomides, Kristin Pleasant, and Dr. Candace Wright from Coastal Direct Health and Wellness sit down with Troy Thompson to discuss their direct primary care family business. For more information: Website- https://www.coastalwellnessnc.com/ Facebook Page- https://www.facebook.com/CoastalwellnessNC/ Email- [email protected] Phone number- (910) 408-1656
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Wilmington Treatment Center

Dr. Bernard Gottschalk of Wilmington Treatment Center sat down with Troy Thompson to discuss what signs to look for to spot drug abuse by a loved one and the philosophy of Wilmington Treatment Center For more information: Website – https://www.wilmingtontreatment.com/ Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/wilmington.treatment.center/ Phone number – (888) 606-2057
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The Wealth Plan Company

Brandon Haines of The Wealth Plan Company sat down with Troy Thompson to talk about the components of a good wealth plan For more information: Website – https://thewealthplancompany.com/brandon/ Facebook Page – https://facebook.com/WealthPlanCo/ Phone number – (910) 679-4370
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Coastline Insurance

Jonathan Peele of Coastline Insurance sat down with Troy Thompson to talk about his experience insuring coastal properties in North Carolina For more information: Website – https://www.coastlineinsurance.com/ Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/CoastlineInsurance/ Phone number – (910) 454-0707
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Team Gale

Tom Gale of Team Gale sits down with Troy Thompson to discuss how to choose the right realtor in the local market For more information: Website – https://www.teamgale.net/ Facebook Page – https://facebook.com/TeamGale/ Phone number – (910) 368-4070
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Josh London State Farm

State Farm Agent Josh London sits down with Troy Thompson to talk about Josh's background in the Marine Corps, his family, and how he began serving your community as a State Farm insurance agent For more information: Website – https://www.statefarm.com/agent/US/NC/Leland/Josh-London-08VB85F4LAK Facebook Page – https://facebook.com/JoshLondonStateFarmAgent/ Phone number – (910) 383-1303